Need to improve your passing skills? sure you do!

nekoti skills and shooting boards
nekoti skills and shooting boards

Sharpen your passing and shooting skills with our latest dryland ice hockey training aid, the Nekoti Skills Pad is made from 5 mm thick High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which is the same indestructible plastic used in the production of those plastic fizzy drinks bottles. It is very strong and durable, slightly soft and flexible but provides the perfect practise surface which will last and last and last.

We get comments like “an advertising sign or even a sheet of wood will do the same job”, in our testing they don’t!, because they all soon start to break down and crack or wear mostly within a couple of hundred shots. Perspex seems to work for a while but it soon shatters into sharp shards which can damage a quality carbon composite hockey stick.

rebound-strapThe super thick and adjustable strong bungee rope we found to be the perfect rebound material, it lasts longer than solid rubber walls which crack and split after a few months, also solid walls which simply do not pass the puck back like your line mate might. The rebound rope forces you to pass along the ice…
watch the video where we test different pucks: Perfect for hard and flat passes. If you find your puck jumps the rebound rope then you can be sure the same pass made on the ice would have leapt over the blade of the person you intended to receive the pass.

Find a wall or hockey net and you can take aim and pick out targets; “like an ice hockey fair ground shooting gallery”, sharpen your slap shot and power wrist shots straight off the pad. Pass to the rebound rope and then one-time wrist or slap-shot the puck to improve real-time coordination and reaction controls.

At over 1400mm in length and 750mm wide this board is long enough to cover all stick handling drills, place pucks or objects on the board and stick handle around them to sharpen you puck control. Even though the Nekoti Skills Pad is half the price of the cheapest alternative we could find it has been thoroughly tested by our ProTeam and is a top 5 must have if you play inline, roller, sledge or ice hockey. £49+vat

Play More hockey for Less with Nekoti and Winnwell Starter Kits

starting to play ice hockey… Age 4?

You can start playing ice hockey or inline hockey from the tender age of just 4 years old. When you are just staring out it can be hard to find ice hockey equipment which is small enough to protect little hands, elbows, shins and shoulders. Nekoti hockey stocks equipment for the smallest players all the way up to the tallest players.

Wearing second hand kick which doesn’t fit correctly at a young age can look right but may not offer protection when it slips out of place in practice.

Winnwell starter kits are discounted and available on the Nekoti site from £103.32 with free delivery.


Dent Free Heavy Duty Hockey Nets!

The Nekoti Proteam often get asked which hockey nets are best for inline and street hockey, many teams buy hockey goals and are disappointed when the 16+ age groups damage and deform the posts and centre post with shot after shot until the shape of the goal mouth becomes deformed falling well outside official standards.


Choosing the right Ice, Inline or Street Hockey Goal could leave dents in your pocket and in your goal posts if you don’t spend wisely. Ice Hockey Goals bought online all “look the same” in the pictures and many of the prices are similar so how can you detect (before you buy) which the best value for you.

After you understand the ability of the shooters and what type of Puck or Ball they are likely to use regularly then you can make a decision on which net to buy. Vulcanised rubber ice hockey pucks are 163 grams in weight and can travel at more than 100 mph or 45 meters per second. (Weird fact: A bullet from an AK 47 travels at 15 times this speed 710 m/s) so these nets don’t need to be built for military use though frozen vulcanised rubber is much denser and harder than any street puck or ball.

The ability of the goal to resist dents and deformation is simply down to the wall thickness of the tube steel used in manufacture.

  • 1mm wall will certainly dent when shot by a teenager using the hardest balls or speed pucks and has not chance to withstand a vulcanised ice hockey rubber puck.
  • 1.5mm tube is thick enough to withstand denting from all but the very hardest shooters using solid pucks and speed puck but will definitely deform with ice hockey pucks.
  • 2mm tube is considered HEAVY DUTY and will NOT deform in normal play. Only the highest level of senior player with the very hardest placed shots may deform the surface of the tube but not significantly as would 1mm. 2mm tube even resists 99.8% of vulcanised pucks too. The Winnwell bolt together system is also superior to clip system offering more rigidity in the frame.
  • 2.8 mm tube wall is used in full welded pro ice hockey nets which often cost more than £800+vat each.

In summary, we recommend you try and look at the weight, the heavier the Goal the more steel and hence heavier is better!.


Our favourite 2mm Heavy Duty net is 28KG in weight, compare this to the 1.5mm at only 18KGS. You will pay more but you won’t need to replace them yearly, and our Proteam like the fact that play will be disrupted less when nets get moved by hard shots and net crashes.

View our favourite Goal frame with new heavier Nylon Netting.



Look what those cool guys in SHER-WOOD have been doing with their summer!

THE FIRST GRAPHENE INFUSED COMPOSITE STICK TO EVER HIT THE ICE manufactured by SHER-WOOD and available soon through Nekoti Hockey. [When we say soon… get in the que behind our proteam staff and all our mates and ambassadors who are already registered with us…]EK60-patterns


Ever heard of nano-technology? It’s not just the stuff of science fiction anymore. Graphene itself is a nano-material, about 200 times stronger than steel. Even better, it combines that strength and ower with light weight and flexibility. It’s a versatile and multifunctional material, with future uses in flexible electronics, aerospace engineering, motor vehicle design, and of course, top-level sports.



  • With its unique strength, light weight, and flexibility, graphene is perfect for a hockey stick. The graphene redistributes the weight, helps your stick respond better, and supports it against impact in key areas.
  • Sher-Wood has infused the REKKER EK60 with graphene, including it in all of those key breakage areas where the stress of the game puts pressure on your stick.
  • So while the stick is lightweight and super easy to handle, it also holds up like a champ against hacks and slashes.


The REKKER EK60 has been developed with Sher-Wood’s commitment to offer you the lightest, most reliable and responsive low-kick hockey stick in the industry. Grab it and hang on, because you’re about to go way beyond your own expectations. It’s the tool that will help you score, game after game.


What’s graphene,  only the coolest composite material to show up on the sports scene in ages.

Graphene has been integrated into the key breakage areas of the REKKER EK60 to make your stick not only lighter, but more durable and more resistant against hacks and slashes.


That’s right! At just 385 grams, the REKKER EK60 is the lightest composite stick you can buy. The carbon fibre, infused with graphene, and the handcrafted quality of the REKKER EK60 makes it the perfect partner on the ice. Just what you need to get in there and fire off fast shots like it’s nobody’s business.


The best thing about the REKKER EK60? It does what you tell it to do. That means that it is every bit as good as you are, without holding you back. You react, and the stick reacts, working in sync─ like a team that has practiced together so much that they move as one. It is like your own hand, responding immediately and instinctively.


So what did you do with yourselves this summer?


PLAY MORE for LESS with NEKOTI this season.

Where are the SHER-WOOD Ambassadors Now?

brad jenion8

In the summer of 2012 BRAD JENION was lucky enough to be voted into the programme, his summer of hard work paid dividends as he was invited onto the programme and his journey began…

Last week we received an update from his mum Debbie

Debbie Jenion

23 July 20:47

Hi I just wanted to give you some feedback on one of your former Nekoti Ambassadors- Brad Jenion. Brad was extremely lucky to receive enough votes to become one of your first Ambassadors about 4-5 years ago.

He gratefully received a generous sponsorship from you comprising of kit, kitbag, professional gloves and sticks….

The Nekoti Sher-Wood Ambassador Programme’s commitment to young up and coming hockey players spurred Brad on to be the best he could be. After receiving 4 All Stars shirts in one season including ones from Conference, an England u16 tournament in Tilburg ….

Brad wanted to follow his dream of playing in Canada and America. At 16 he left home to study at Ontario Hockey Academy in Canada and play “AAA” hockey in the Ontario leagues. Having completed a year training, playing and studying he went to tryout in the USA for Chicago, Minnesota and Wisconsin with the sole aim of putting himself on the radar of the scouts in the American Hockey League (AHL) and United States Hockey League (USHL).

brad jenion4

At 6’4″Brad is not a defenceman to miss and he came away with 6 clubs watching him in his final graduation year at OHA. He still plays with his trusted SHERWOOD T100. Thank you NEKOTI for inspiring a young hockey player to follow his dream.

brad jenion6

Thank you Debbie! We do often question the commercial value of the programme but your story reinforces Nekoti’s belief in UK Ice Hockey Players, much of the challenge is to find those who simply have what it takes and then provide them with the correct tools and support to allow their skills to flourish.

We will be picking up the phone to a few of those scouts to take a closer look at this UK Hockey Star in the making!

The Nekoti Proteam wish you all the best

Are you Hockey’s CHOSEN ONE?

Get Registered in the Nekoti SHER-WOOD 2015 Ambassador Programme to be chosen by your peers, friends, family and the general public.

Place in the top of the list to be invited to join UK’s Hockey’s most respected sponsorship programme.

Download the 2015 SHER-WOOD catalogue and select your next hockey stick, Gloves and protective equipment because you might just have what it takes to get on the programme.

It all starts at the beginning! it doesn’t matter where you start, do you have what it takes?

Jocab Trouba The Chosen ONE!


SHER-WOOD Ambassador Program 2015-16 draft selection, just started!

NEW SHER-WOOD Ambassador Reto Berra
NEW SHER-WOOD Ambassador Reto Berra

Get registered 

SHER-WOOD Hockey for 65 years has remained the choice of the technical specialist players who know what performance and value the SHER-WOOD brand represents. Nekoti is the UK’s Favourite Ice Hockey Warehouse with the largest stocks of the best equipment at the right price. The support fund this year includes the NEW T120 and EK15 Sticks, Gloves, Protective and support.

To be considered in this year’s program you need first to get registered, just visit submit your best hockey image and carefully drag the  scale image and focus box to get your best image before hitting the submit button.

  • You must complete all questions.
  • You must confirm your registration via the email we will send you.

Don’t just sit there… get registered or register a family member or close friend.

  1. visit fill in the registration (you need a photo)
  2. Confirm your registration, we will send you an email to confirm.
  3. View your listed card and SHARE on FACEBOOK, TWEET on TWITTER, EMAIL everyone your card link and get them to START VOTING, share and spread the word. Previous winners have got their clubs , teams, pro teams and schools behind them to boost their votes.
  •  Top position finalists in late September will be asked to visit Nekoti to discuss their 2015-2016 sponsorship support.
  •  Voting is strictly regulated by email confirmation to make it fair and regulated, detection of any bots or automated email generators will be removed.
  •  UK Ice Hockey, Inline, Roller and Sledge Hockey Players only please.
  • Goalies and GIRLS very welcome!
  • Open to all hockey players.
  • Any disputes shall be refereed by the programme officials and their decisions shall be final.
  • We ask that players are registered with a hockey club or UK affiliation please.



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​Egener backs Stewart for starring role

This post was originally published on this site


Egener backs Stewart for starring roleDefenceman Mike Egener (pictured) believes goaltender Brian Stewart can lead Genting Casino Coventry Blaze to Elite League play-off success.Stewart has been short-listed for Netminder of the Year – along with Kyle Jones (Braehead Clan) and Ben Bowns (Cardiff Devils) – after a stellar season.The Canadian was again in formidable form, saving 81 of the 85 shots he faced as Blaze knocked out four-time winners Nottingham Panthers to reach the semi-finals.Egener said: “We have had great goaltending all season. Stewie is a big-game player and he held his ground in both games against Nottingham.
“In my opinion he should win it [Netminder of the Year], no question. Every game he has given us a chance. He has that battle in him, even in practice he just never gives up on a shot.”He is a massive reason why we are in the final four. He is very athletic and he has a high compete level. He likes to challenge and he makes things much easier for the defensive core knowing they have someone behind them who will make that stop.”Egener was in the Blaze line-up the last time they reached the finals weekend, losing 5-1 to Belfast Giants who they face again at the National Ice Centre on Saturday (5pm face-off).He added: “Belfast have a lot of experience and a lot of depth. All three lines can hurt you, on the back-end they have a lot of experience in [Calvin] Elfring and [Robby] Sandrock – they have a good mix of everything and that experience of the big games.”But I think we match up well with anybody, it doesn’t matter who we are playing. We have been playing play-off hockey for the last month or so and have been beating everyone just to get into the play-offs.”Hopefully we are able to be on the opposite side this time and be playing in the final which will be a lot of fun. Anything can happen.”Photo of Mike Egener courtesy of Scott Wiggins Photography.